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Is this a normal Lumbar ESI????

I had a ESI today in my L5 S1, this is what happened. I layed on the bed and he then put the numbing medication in my back, which by the way burned! and then immediately afterward he started putting a needle in my spine, i felt a pop in my back, that radiated down my legs, then another one, at this time i started tearing up and asked him why its doing that, and then he did it again and then one more time and my leg shot up and he said just putting air in to break through is all, and then one more time and then he stated he has it, and if i was ok, and then started to put in the steroid medication which was burning in front of my legs and in my back, and then i had to turn to my right side when done lay there for a minute. They repeatedly asked me if i was ok for ever 2 minutes of the 20 minutes i had to wait till i could go home. The only numb part of my body was on my right butt cheek on the side of it and that was it, i can feel everything in my back and its feeling stiff and cannot bend over all the way. Im also experiencing a headache. This is my first spinal injection and not sure if this is normal or not. I am getting these shots for Spinal stenosis and a arthritis along with a small hemangioma on my l4. I am also 29… Please let me know if this Popping feeling i got when he inserted the needle was a feeling i should of felt. They told me he was putting air in to break through. but i dont believe it, i read a lot and seen nothing of that.

Epidural Nightmare

I went yesterday to surgery center to have Lumbosacral Interve/ Bilaterral Transforaminal Epidural. The pain I experience during this procedure was so intense my scalp and face felt like they were on fire. My legs moved on their own, I had pain in my groin, my feet felt like they were in ice water. I told the Doctor that the numbing hadn’t work. The pain from the injections was the worst pain I have ever experience. I had this procedure before with another doctor and didn’t experience any pain. I sense something was wrong and advised doctor of what I was experiencing he continued on stating their was nothing for me to be concerned about.

I wanted to jump off the table, but didn’t fearing he hurt me more and that I could end up paralyzed. The pillow my head was on was drenched. I chose to have a local with no IV sedative as I had with former procedure. I was so traumatized by what occurred during the procedure I was shaking. Requested a sedative the doctor replied we give pills here and walk out the OR. The nurse took me to the recovery area. 20 minutes later this very unfriendly nurse gave me my clothes, I dressed myself while sitting on the gurney. When I step down I realized I had no feeling on left side. Two nurses had to assist me to a recliner. Their was a very kind male nurse that I had a conversation with earlier. He reassured me that this sometimes can occurred and that they had alerted the doctor. When he showed up to see the patient in the bed across from me was crying out in pain. I tried 3 times to walk and couldn’t.

When he finally came over to check me he was more than aloof and in a very cold tone said to wait another 20 minutes. I lost track of time finally with assistance I was able to walk to transport van that took me home. Today when I went to get up to go to bathroom I had a problem getting their as my left leg is numb and balance is bad. I have the worst head ach ever, pain behind my eyes that are blood red, I look like I have a bad sunburn and feel nauseous, I have pain inner left thigh I have never had before. I called the surgery center to report this, Dr. Frankenstein left a very cold message hours later on my cell. I called my doctor who referred me and alerted his nurse. He never returned my call. I should have listen to my gut feeling and cancelled. I actually did earlier. That’s another story. I’ve been on line all day. Had I read some of the comments that I read today from other patients who have experience horrific side effects. I would have run the other way. I am scared . I am attempting to think positive, but its difficult.

Neck, back, shoulder pain

I also suffer from chronic pain from a car accident. I had chronic low back pain before the accident with a surgery for a larger herniated disc. At that time I had a large one, a small one and a 3rd one going. I have suffered back pain since I’ve been 21 (got hurt at work) and am now almost 54.

In 2012 I was involved in a car accident that wasn’t my fault. I t-boned their car because they came very fast through a divided hwy.

At first the Dr.’s thought I had whiplash. After many physical therapy sessions with no good results, I was finally able to get a MRI of my neck. I had 3 herniated disc’s and spinal stenosis.

The pain in my neck and arms was unbearable. Again, back to PT for my neck. After a year and a half of that, I was finally sent to a neurosurgeon. He wanted me to have the epidural injections. At this point I was willing to try anything to reduce this pain and avoid surgery. I had two bilateral injections and the last one I had the Anesthesiologist hit a nerve, twice. I thought I was going to die! I was still working at this point, but I knew that my employment was not going to last. I just couldn’t work with the amount of pain I was in. The injections did not work at all. The neurosurgeon suggested pain management. My Dr. was already prescribing me pain pills and I was not about to go that route. I ended up seeing a different neurosurgeon and he suggested a 3 level cervical fusion. After careful consideration, I decided to go ahead with it. After a follow up with the surgeon I told him I still had arm pain and shoulder pain in my right shoulder. I couldn’t even hold a cup of coffee at this point. Off to see my primary care Dr. She examined me and thought I had rotator cuff issue. More PT, another MRI and sure enough, I had a full thickness rotator cuff tear. Off to yet another new Dr. for a orthopedic opinion.

Needless to say, I had yet another surgery. The second major surgery in a span of 8 months time. More PT after surgery and now I have a bit of frozen shoulder. I am scheduled for a injection in Jan. Great way to start off another year in chronic pain. I have tried not to take a lot of pain pills because I don’t want to live on those, but living in this kind of pain isn’t working for me either. It’s a double edged sword. I can’t get in to see the Dr. until the end of Jan. for her to see me for this chronic pain.

I have heard so many ignorant statements such as, I don’t complain about it and try not to think about it. What? How can you not think about it when you’re in pain 24/7? Just stop thinking about it and move on. You look good. Ect……..

I used to have a lot of energy and now I’m just tired all the time. I have to have comfortable chairs to sit in when I go to someone else’s house. Driving anywhere for long periods of time is out of the question. Lifting babies, out of the question.
This letter really hit home for me. I’m hoping that people will read it and try to understand what it’s really like to live with chronic pain. Thank you to the author. You hit the nail on the head, so to speak.

Epidural for a fibroid removal

Well, I had an epi for a fibroid removal. While on the table anesthetist said ‘can you feel that?’ I said noooo, she said ‘oh, your heart is a bit fast’. But I felt nothing. When out of the hospital, I went to my ‘go’ as I was advised by the hospital to do so, and I was put on medication for palpitations, which I had when leaving hospital next day and have had really bad ever since, just feel so exhausted and my legs are so hot and heavy since this procedure. Just need a solicitor now to find out what happened. And compo, as my life is just not the same, I have been in touch with 3 already, but not interested. This is my life mate, whats left of it, I was 58 at the time now 60. Wish I could get a solicitor that’s all. I want answers, what went wrong?

Shot went wrong

I to have had the shots in my back, on the fifth one knew something went wrong body jumped with pain and head hurt so bad, doctor started yelling for stuff from nurse kept asking if I was ok but never said anything happened, after a couple of months legs started hurting so bad I couldn’t stand to walk in the morning and legs hurt so bad all night. Well after I kept saying my legs hurt he said, you know I wake up thinking of back surgery that is what I do, don’t think I can help you anymore and sent me on my way stopping my pain meds. Finally went to my reg doctor and got back on pain meds. It is horrible trying to sleep at night, legs hurt so bad now when they didn’t before the shot. I have burning, tingling, numbness, twitching, bad pain and sensitivity to touch all on count of shots, still on pain meds, but wish now I would never had done them. So painful to walk most days and sleeping all night, I hate it. Doctor keeps trying new meds to help with twitching and pain at night, I need relief.

Chronic Pain and no where else to turn finally a steriod epidural gone bad

patrolI fell getting my mail which my mailbox is located in the streets. The snow plow company didnt plow close enough to mailboxes which unbenounced to me caused me to lean forward and come off my toes, when I went to slowly push back and gain my footing, I turned, lost my balance, lost my footing and down I went. Thinking it was just an oops slip and fall.

Twenty min later I felt the most unbelievable pain in my lower back and down my right leg that I have ever felt….to the E.R..xrays, pain shots and meds and sent home. A couple days of excruciating pain sent me back to E.R. With the same repeat. Five days after fall to a back surgeon who immediately admitted me to the hospital.

Test after test and a steriod epidural with no relief. Surgery was inevitable. I had a lamenectomy and a jammed, bruised nerve was discovered and repaired along with a degenerative L4 was repaired, but the L4 was not my issues.

Finally relieved of the excruitating pain, I thought now the healing process will begin and i will be ok. Not knowing my life was bout to take a downward spiral effect that would change my life forever.

When I fell, I was a street patrol police officer for over 14 yrs and I passionately love my job more than anyone could possibly imagine. Five months after surgery, I returned to work still with pain and being told by doc that it will take a long, long time to heal.

Well I worked the streets wearing a 16 lb gunbelt and entire uniform and gunbelt weighing over 25 lbs coupled with the twenty lbs I had gained from laying on my back, recovering was hard, but with pain meds and p.t. And docs assuring me that my spine was perfect that I should be ok. But they couldnt explain my pain.

Over a course of two yrs with several steriod epidurals, physical therapy, numerous different pain meds that didnt work, also on Cymbalta, Lyrica, and Gabapentin which all made me sick. Then diagnosed with bursitis of right shoulder, osteoarthritissacriliitis of left S/I jpint, and severe scar tissue built up under surgery site.

I know have chronic lower back pain, charlie horses in my legs like twinkling christmas tree lights, numbness and tingling in my feet and toes, along with constant S/I joint pain. I’m told by doctors there is nothing they can do for me, to hang up my gunbelt and take a desk job and see a counselor for trying to deal with the fact that the career which I love, lived for, and always dreamed of doing will inevitably be no longer. But the thought of that I could not bare because I love being a Police Officer.

So I fought the idea of a desk job and im still fighting. Again off work on a FMLA in attempt to go hard on physical therapy, lose the back weight I gained, and do another series of steroid epidurals. I could fight this, win, and go back to what I Live doing more than anything in the world.

P.T. and neuromuscular massages seemed to be helping, but a slow, slow process. After eight neuromuscular massages, the therapists had seemed to minimize my charlie horses in my legs, and the numbness/tingling in my feet/toes. Then I was told the insurance co would only pay for 8 neuromuscular massages and slowly the charlie horses in my legs came back.

Dec 2012 I had one steriod epidural which helped slightly. Jan 2013 I had my second which again, helped so ever slightly, but at this point, I will take whatever so slighty pain relief I could get. Then on Feb 20, 2013 I had my final third steriod epidural of my series. I slept all day after that making sure I stayed in bed. The second day, I was very sore at the injection site which was normal in the past. Then as the second day went on, I vomited, still thinking nothing of it, believing I possibly had not eaten enough with my pain meds that caused me to be sick as the day went on. I began to get a violent headache still thinking that it was I had not drank enough water, I took my Motrin 600 and tried to sleep off, my headache.

Going into the third day after my epidural, I woke still sore at injection site, but my headache was gone feeling pretty good, so i did some lite laundry trying to move about as to not get to sore from laying in bed, then by early evening, my lower back was excruciating, I was nausish, and a headache started again. Fearing something was terribly wrong, my fiance rushed me to the E.R., they loaded me up with pain meds and I.V. fluids to ease the back pain and my violent headache. Then the doc told me that my spinal sac had been punctured by the epidural needle causing spinal fluid to leak.

I was released, told to bed rest for few ays, drink plenty of caffiene to help subside the headache, take my regular pain meds as prescribed, and if the severe pain and headaches do not subside, to return to the E.R. for a blood patch, where they would remove blood from my arm and inject it in my spine near the injectionsite to cause a hematoma to stop the spinal flyid from leaking.

Buy the time I had got home from the hospital, I vomitted every ounce of fluid I drank. thinking it was from all the pain meds I had received in the hospital, I stopped drinking so I wouldnt vomit, and went to sleep. Day four, I woke late afternoon, still sore in lower back and a faint headache. I decided to stay in bed praying the spinal fluids stop leaking, because if you dont lay on back in bed and stand up, the spinal fluids leak, you will get naushish, and possibly vomit and the headache will get worse. Because I do not, if I dont have too, want another needle put into my back after what I just went thru with this bad experience of this steriod epidural that caused my spinal fluids to leak and causing my severe pain, vomiting, and violent headache.

So with that being said….I dont think iI will ever do another epidural after what I just experienced…as though I have not been thru enough pain thru these two long years of chronic pain and the docs say there is nothing else they can do, but also suggested a spinal cord stimulator placed inside my back which constanly releases pain meds. But right now, thats not an option, that is their solution. Me only being 44 yrs old, I’m too young too go that drastic this early and it will surely end my Police career. So all I have now is a whole lot of praying, physical therapy, pain management, hoping someday I will get better, the pain will ease up, and I will get back into my uniform, get back to my life which has been so drastically altered by my fall.

Will I ever do another elidural?..Hecky NO….am I confident I will ever get better? Not sure, but I have not given up faith….but I am starting to lose faith in the doctors who have so quickly given up on me and didnt hesitate to tell me to hang up my gunbelt and just deal with it…well I’m not settling for that…..I have not given up yet….sorry this was typed from a phone a hard to proof read…thank you for reading my story…God Bless you all…and good luck with your back issues..