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Untreated chronic pain hell

In 2003 I broke my neck in an injury, it didn’t happen on my job but at my brother-in law truck he had no insurance and I didn’t either I had no money saved up for medical help. I went to the hospital for 4 days in the row without money or insurance they wouldn’t take mri’s or do anything for me. I hurt so bad I just balled up and cried for one year and 7 months I stayed like that till they put me in csu a place for crazy people i couldn’t eat or use the restroom right i lost weight and couldn’t think right for the great pain after a month later they gave me disability but by then the dics in my neck had damaged 3 nerves in my right arm i had two hole on both sides of my left elbow my left arm now is twice as small as my right with only 25% of strength as my right, they said i also dislocated a disk in my lower back that hurts all the time,now in 2011 they give two pain pills a day that only last 4 to 6 hours the rest of time i just cry and suffer its getting where i can’t live like this i’m either going to go crazy or die because my health keeps getting worse and worse because of this great pain i can’t control. Please pray for me. Michael