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I’ve had back trouble off and on for many years. It finally become out of control within the last year. I know how stupid this sounds, but I thought I was dealing with arthritis. Yes, I saw three idiot “medical students,” “physician’s assistants,” and finally saw a doctor who immediately wanted to do a fusion. I declined and went somewhere else. My brother had the surgery while still in his thirties. It failed, he became a Demerol addict — and died of an over dose three years ago.

As it turns out, I have two herniated discs between L3-L4, L4-L5. I guess just being chubby and older was enough for this injury.

I went to another facility and had three injections. The first two were a complete failure. I had the third almost two weeks ago. I was improving…until I did a few chores that required me to do a bit of bending. Now my leg muscles are so sore I can hardly move AND the back pain returned in spades.

I’m upset, discouraged and am about ready to get a scooter and get it over with. 🙁