A Chronicle in Pain Management

We’re BACKKK!! My husband and I ñ just sittiní here listening to Barry Whiteís version of Basketball Jones, and laughing our butts off. And smoking a fat one for the first time in a long time..and it suddenly occurred to meÖ

Maybe if I document our lives ( we both live in chronic pain 24/7 from ruptured neck discs, multiple surgeries, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and now migraine headachesÖsee ìChronic Pain From HELL!!î in Activism) ñ maybe if we share how we manage our pain with marijuana, we could make a difference on pathing a way to Washington with our ideas and findings, which weíve been documenting for months.

Iím speaking out for the legalization of Medical Marijuana for people in chronic pain..itís a harmless herb that God himself put on this Earth for our consumptionÖ who are we to say him no?? (lol)

As a Medical Assistant and EMT, and I know MUCH about anatomyÖnot to mention physiology, I guess it is all up to me. Weíve compared our vital signs (i.e. blood pressure, pulse, etc.) on days when we were drinking to manage our pain, versus those days when we were fortunate enough to have weedÖjust two days ago, my husbandís B.P. was 170/118 ñ VERY high..

Then yesterday we got our ëmedicineíÖtwo hours after smoking, my husbandís B.P. had dropped dramatically to 124/86ÖIt blew us awayÖthus this article.

Iíve got my answers. Now to get the Feds to listen, thatís another uphill battle. But I think Iím ready for itÖdespite my pain, itís time to move.


Weíve tried Percocet
But to my regret,
It DID NOT do the trick.

Iíve done Demerol,
But LISTEN, yíall
It made my eyes go thick.

And every narcotic known to man,
Can never do what good weed can.
But scripted drugs are A-ok?
Thoí they only take your life away?

Cigarettes can STILL be sold?
Even thoí the truth has been fortold.
Whoís high in the DEA I wonder.
The war on drugs has been a blunder.

And alcohol is legal too!!
Donít you cry for the harm that it can do?
I know Iíve cried one thousand tears..
I try to speak, but no one hears.

Listen folks, itís clear to me.
In pot, there is no misery.
Compared to all those medications,
MaryJaneís the ONLY indication.

Donít have to spend my day in pain,
Cuz pot re-routes my hurting brain.
I have more fun, more energy.
I thank the Lord that I can see.

OOOPS..there I go again with my rhyming old selfÖbut you get the picture, I hope..Suffice it to say, (gotta stop typing nowÖthe broken neck, donítcha knowÖ) husband and I have experimented with all the ëlegalí narcotics and with alcohol, and the damage done to ourselves and others in chronic pain that we know, should tell the taleÖ

Weíre speaking out and would like any advice on exactly who to contactÖprobably our state senator, but weíll be in touch..
Rhythmically Yours,

Jana Christian, Songwriter

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