CHRONIC PAIN FROM HELL (6th Entry in Pain Chronicles)

Author: Jana Christian

My husband and I were just sitting here discussing his worsening pain. Just saw the doc today who has FINALLY evaluated Donís latest MRI of his neck and lumbar spine. To quote the doctor, ìDon, I donít know if I can operate or help you, as you donít respond very well to surgeryî. Then he suggested another myelogram. My husband, Don, burst into tears.

Well, see ìChronic Pain from HELL!!î RE: the torture my hubby suffered during his last myelogram three years ago. My husband told his doc, ìthree years ago, I had to be held down by three bouncers the size of refrigerators in order for you to do the test because my spine was so full of scar tissue you couldnít even find a space to stick the needle. Your report said you sedated me. I was NOT sedated, no pill, no needle was given to me: not then, not EVER. At the time you told me youíd never subject me to another myelogram. And now today you donít even remember the procedure??! What theÖ?#@%^$$î.

Don was also told his Workmanís Comp insurance company (the very lovely state-run pool my husbandís case has been dumped into, but I digress into yet another scream-fest) wonít approve him to go to a pain clinic. Heís been turned down about three times. I think his rights are being violated in a big way. Duhhh.

The doctor then referred him to a neurosurgeon for a 2nd opinion. So now MORE waiting. More weeks flying by without anything but marijuana (and not much of that, due to the fact weíre both on a fixed income).

The doc then gave Don a script for 30 Tylenol 3 ñ FOR A WEEK!! (well, WHOOOOP, WHOOOP, Boring Alert ñ why not put a bandaid on a heart attack.

I swear, is there ANYONE out there with the brains God gave them who can help my husband find relief from his agonizing pain? Anyone out there with any compassion. Does NO ONE care? Iím beginning to wonder.

You know how obnoxious a person is when they drink alcohol to excess, and theyíre belligerent as Hell? My husband snaps at the drop of a hat without alcohol because of the pain. Heís on the edge day and night. If the phone should ring, I pity the poor fool on the other end. If wakened from a half-assed sleep, he will startle immediately and snap his neck sitting up, so pumped up with adrenalin as he is with this pain.

Weíre beginning to wonder if the public is safe from such a person, whoís been kicked to the curb by the health care (and I use the term loosely) system, has no access to pain medication, has to threaten his doc that heís going out to get street drugs just to get a script for codeine. Are you crazy? Are you nuts? Guess what George? You guessed it, the war on drugs is a dead pink elephant in the eye of progress. I can say no more.

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