TIA and cervical injection

I got the first injection C3/4/5,– 2days later I was in the ER with high anxiety, nervousness and extremely high blood pressure. Thought it was a heart attack or stroke. Asolutely no pain relief, actually increased.

Four weeks later had #2, a cervical epidural injection; ended up with a TIA mini stroke –no evidence of cause after lab tests; I expect the steroid. Again no pain relief; –I am done!! Too scary in cervical, and low probability of success

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  1. TIA
    I had an epidural for back pain. After the proceedure I began having visual problems. Each day it was like the floaters of a migrain, without the headache. Then my vision started to blur. The second week I started to have dizziness, I thought I’d pass out. Then it happened. My speech started to slur and I couldn’t speak. My husband rushed me to the ER. They kept me for several days. They couldn’t find the usual causes for TIA.

    I’m afraid of what is next. The statistics show in the next 30 days I’m likely to have a damaging stroke. If that doesn’t happen, I’m still left with what to do about pain. I’ve avoided pain medication because I don’t want to get addidicted.

    This thing scared my husband (who never goes to the doctor) so bad he’s going to the doctor tomorrow to be fully checked.

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