Cervical Epidural

I typically don’t have problems with steroid injections but this time I have an excruciating headache that will not stop. My blood pressure is through the roof as well. I have not gotten any sleep due to my head feeling like I want to pull if off my shoulders. I have taken 2 pain pills together and it is not doing anything for the pain. Right now my pain is mostly headache but if I bend my neck the nerves that are pinched radiate pain down the back or arms and the neck is in pain as well.

I had a neck discogram on 5 levels and 3 of the disc are bad. I only went through with the epidural injection because my insurance stated that I needed to do a more conservative treatment. I have been to therapy, nerve block, chiropractors, massage therapy, you name it I have done it for my neck and lower back. I don’t understand why they will not consider chiropractic as a treatment but will pay for me to have it done. They consider Acupuncture as a treatment but do not help in paying for that treatment…seriously!

I really not overly upset just don’t get it when people need the structural part of the pain fixed to keep the pain away forever! I have had several steroid shots in knees, shoulders, low back and now the neck and have not found relief, so I am one that just wants the problem fixed. Maybe this is wrong but I will say with my first low back surgery, I was so glad to get it because I could play sports again and was without pain for years. Due to age, I have just started feeling pain again but had many good years with out pain! Well it will all work out and I wish you all the best!

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  1. I had cervical injections. 3 or 4 of them right in a row. Well one a week for 4 weeks. And one in my shoulder and one in my elbow. So 7 weeks of steroid injections. They did not work for me for my herniated discs 5 6 7 plus some arthritis and pinched nerves. Those pinched nerves made my whole left arm numb all the way to the tip of my fingers. And for some odd reason the muscle under my left shoulder blade was seized up in one big ball. I mean truthfully it was in a ball. And my shoulder was in pain deep, deep, inside and my elbow? I can’t even begin to explain the pain. I could not figure out and still can’t what is going on! On the MRI the person that read said they didn’t see anything but my Dr that did the injections sure saw a lot more. The elbow? Same thing. They showed me . Why was the person that is supposed to be an expert at reading MRI’s saying they didn’t see anything then?

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