Chronic Pain Sufferer

I can’t imagine the frustration of not knowing and listening to everyone, with a “have you tried this”. I have a name for mine and it is still frustrating when people say have you done this yet. I’ve survived 8 lumber surgeries. 3 cervical surgeries. 3 herniated therasic discs, which the doctors say, “We can’t do anything for them”. I have lost count of the number of injections. Every doctor I’ve been to says, “well you haven’t had injections from me”. With the same result. Pain , and sometimes even more pain to the point of being hospitalized for a week. I have an inturnal stimulator. which hurts to the touch and when I lay on it. I understand the person who said, “they pray for death or feel like dieing”. I’ve lived with this since 1991. My body has now starting to shut down. It hurts to breath, the mussels around my lungs are not functioning. My joints are burning and my mussels ache ever so deeply. Walking, sitting, standing, the pool, the car, movement causes pain. My head feels so heavy, full of fog. And yet that is good because it also feels like it wants to explode. When is enough an enough? I don’t have a choice with my body, can’t i have some dignity?

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  1. my chronic pain started 5 yrs ago after a stroke. then diabetic nerve pain here it come. my pain management dr said last visit he is doing all he can do. i am on fentynl patch 100mcg change every 72 hr, methocarbamol 750 mg 4x day, and gabapentn 600 mg 4x day. loaded up aren’t i. i have suffered for the last few weeks to the point i can’t sleep, eat, bath, etc. i have no life getting in car to go is a nightmare. i can’t walk now without help. i could walk with walker after the stroke then hubby got sick quit helping so i stopped walking. pain started not to long after that. alot of times i wished i would go to sleep and not wake up. chronic pain friends how do you cope. please be nice.

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