Laura’s Story

Hello, I have had 4 cervical herniated discs 5 years ago, and now they are back. I did physical therapy the first time, and this time I am seeing an orthopedic specialist, a positional release therapist and a Physical Therapist in addition to my regular doc. Since October I have been in Chronic pain, I was really unable to do the therapy excersizes because of the radiating pain that would happen down both arms and hands. I just received an injection about 10 days ago, and the pain is 80 percent better already. They say that it takes a while for it to work. I am able to think again, smile again and work almost to my previous level. I was very nervous about getting the injections and had researched in depth about them. I decided that it was either that or surgery, so I thought I would try. I had it done by my spine specialist under the x-ray I opted to be sedated because I did not want to move at all! It has given me my life back I am a teacher and kids depend on me all day long.

I am hoping I will not need more injections or surgery. The Positional release helps alot, traction, and massage.

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