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  1. I have mayo-facial trigger points,and have seen a story in AARP magazing-by Dr.Oz,about Mayo-facial trigger point needeling,and would like to see about getting some treatmentsYou can reach me at 429-6836-my address-1603 west Hays Apt103 Boise Idaho 83702-4065.I have seen Dr.Sandra Thompson-pain Medicine Specialist,Paula Skogsberg at PT 180,and my Primary Dr.Clinic-is Family Health Clinic on Fort Street.I have been to 7 other Physical Therapy places,have seen,3 Rhumatologists,two Pain Medicine Specialists,and a Immunologist-allergist as well.I am going to look into Laser Surgery-I talked to a medical place in Northern Idaho,that has a lot of great results working with people that have bulged or blown discs in their neck.I have a bulged disc at c-6-7.I had surgery and put it a nuerostimulator-but the stimulator has done very little for my head,neck and shoulder pain.Thank you.

  2. I was a patient of Dr. Clinton Mallory and he treated me for neck pain for over a year. I am now currently on Medicaid and I am inquiring if your clinic accepts Medicaid. I am having a lot more pain in my neck as well as both shoulders and my hips. I can be reached at 405-9006.

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